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C.A.T.    Security Systems Consulting

Law Enforcement & Facial Recognition 





C.A.T.  offers consultancy for all levels of systems architectures and environments, including, design, development, installation, training and support!

C.A.T. also offers consultancy in all aspects of Cyber Security, plus Advanced Facial Recognition Biometrics.

At C.A.T, we have the expertise and resources necessary to provide you with a total solution and a commitment  that guarantees quality, ongoing support!  

Whatever your special needs, our team of dedicated professional problem solvers are ready to plug your arena into technology, that will energize and sustain your mandate & strategic plans.

Our core business units include consultancy, manufacturing, procurement, systems engineering, design, development, installation, security and support.

Our markets focuses on support for Worldwide Security & Defense related environments, including, Global Safeguards and International Law Enforcement. 

Our products include advanced computer based arenas and systems, dedicated to information verification & sharing databases with globally networked environments.  

C.A.T.'s products and endorsements include Neural Net forecasting systems plus Facial Recognition with real time record management technologies within large global databases.   

Both our C.A.T. branded and partners products, plus our motto, reflects quality, affordably and dedication to service excellence! 

Remember, if you can dream it, we can help you to achieve it! 

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